Interactive Voice Response system (IVR)


Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is a telephone programme designed to give you speedy access to general and account-specific information.  When you call 625-TTEC (8832), IVR prompts your responses by asking you to punch numbers on your telephone keypad.

You can access information about:

• Your account balance

• How to open and close accounts

• How to transfer accounts from one person to another

• How to have your electricity supply reconnected

• T&TEC’s disconnection policy

• What happens when an account holder Dies

The correct order of the listing above as on the IVR System currently is:

• Your account balances

• How to open and close accounts

• Transferring an account following the Death of a customer.

• Disconnection policy

• Reconnection after 3 months.

• How to reconnect an account that has been disconnected after 3 months.

You can also provide us with your:

• Telephone Number

Before dialing please have the following at hand:

• Your Customer Number – this is the first set of digits before the dash of your account number, e.g. 665396

• Your Premises Number – this is the second set of digits that can be found after the dash in the account number, e.g. 289485.