Project Update – June 2023

June 14 2023 marked the start of T&TEC’s demolition of the POS Training Facility and its Concourse Block. This follows a meeting with the members of the neighbouring community on June 5th. The demolition follows the completion of phase one of the overall project – Abatement of hazardous materials – and will be done in two phases:

  1. Demolition of the Trade School Building
  2. Demolition of the Concourse Building

Demolition works will take place Monday to Friday during the hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. . However, if work is required after hours or on weekends, advanced notice will be provided to the members of the neighbouring community.

Aside from the standard output from a construction site, it is not expected that there will be significant impact on the neighbouring community. However, please be assured that mitigation measures have been established to minimise these standard issues such as noise, dust and heavy vehicle traffic associated with the general running of a construction site.

Project Advisory- January 21 2022

T&TEC’s demolition of its Concourse Block and POS Training Facility buildings is one of two projects being carried out on a contiguous parcel of land in Port of Spain occupied by T&TEC and PowerGen and bounded on the North by Park Street, South by Wrightson Road, East by Flament Street and West by Colville Street.

PowerGen is responsible for the first and bigger project, the demolition of the Port of Spain “B” Power Station and its ancillary buildings, which started in 2021. The second project, T&TEC’s demolition, commences on February 15 2022. While each company is individually responsible for its project, T&TEC has also contracted PowerGen as the Project Manager for phase one of its project-Abatement of Asbestos.

These demolitions follow the decommissioning of the power station in 2016. The Government has earmarked the site for redevelopment, as part of the Port of Spain Revitalisation Project.

This page will be used to share project updates with members of T&TEC’s neighbouring community and the general public. The designated neighboring community is the block of properties on Flament St, from Park Avenue to Wrightson Road.