Service Charter


Who We Are

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission is responsible for the delivery of a safe, reliable and high quality electricity supply to the nation. In achieving this mandate we aim to provide quality service in treating with our customers, in responding to and resolving complaints in respect of breaches to the Guaranteed Electricity Standards.

Our Vision

Leadership in energy delivery, excellence in customer service… enhancing the quality of life for all.

Our Mission

“To provide a safe, reliable, high quality electricity supply, in an environmentally responsible manner, utilising best practices, through empowered employees committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.”

This Service Charter

  • Addresses the identification and compensation of claims involving breaches of the Guaranteed Electricity Standards (GES);
  • Outlines our service standards and defines what you can expect from us;
  • States what you need to know so you can help us to help you;
  • Explains how you can give us feedback on our service.

Our Service Standards

Our service standards describe the level of service excellence we aim to deliver.

With respect to our face-to-face contact with customers, when we serve you, we will:

  • Identify ourselves;
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect; and
  • Give you clear, accurate and timely information.

With respect to the handling of claims, we will ensure that once the GES are breached you will be paid the relevant compensation, via a credit, to your account within 60 working days for Residential and Commercial customers, and within 30 working days for Industrial customers.

The Guaranteed Electricity Standards (GES) are as follows: GES1 – To restore the electricity supply within 10 hours after unplanned outages on the distribution system;

GES2 – To mail the first electricity bill within 60 days of a residential or commercial service connection and 30 days of an Industrial service connection;

GES3 – To reconnect the electricity supply within 24 hours after settling of overdue amounts or agreement on payment schedule;

GES4 – To notify the customer, at least 24 hours in advance, of our inability to keep an appointment;

GES5 – To visit the customer within 24 hours in response to a voltage complaint and to effect correction within 15 working days;

GES6 – To provide a substantive reply to written billing and payment queries within 15 working days;

GES7 – To execute a new electricity connection within 3 working days of the signing of the service contract;

GES8 – To make compulsory payments owed under the GES within 60 working days for Residential and Commercial customers and 30 working days for Industrial customers.

Processing Claims of Breaches to Guaranteed Electricity Standards (GES) Standards

Only claims relating to GES1 are required to be made in person by the claimant (account holder) or his designated representative. Breaches of all other GES are automatically detected and processed by the Commission.

  • All claims or queries relating to the processing of claims may be made at any of our various Customer Service Centres throughout the country.
  • You will be required to provide information on a GES Claims Form.
  • All claims would be thoroughly investigated by our trained personnel
  • Compensation made within 60 working days for Residential and Commercial customers, and within 30 working days for Industrial customers.
  • Compensation will be made to the account holder via credit to his/her electricity account. • You will receive written notice with the relevant details, once a credit has been applied to your account.
  • In the case of GES1, should your claim be denied, a written Notification of Denial will be mailed to you.

If you are not satisfied with our resolution of your claim, you may contact the Customer Services Manager, Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) at or (868) 627-0503.

Information on processing of claims is available on our website:

Performance Management

We will publish regular reports on our website (www. showing our performance improvements in the implementation of our GES Breach Monitoring, Identification and Compensation System.

We will conduct focus groups sessions and customer satisfaction surveys to be used as a catalyst in continually improving our service delivery.

This Service Charter will be periodically updated to foster/ facilitate improvements in our service delivery which may arise as a result of your customer feedback.

Customer Service Centres

  • Head Office: 623-2611/6291
  • St James Service Centre: 628-1705
  • Curepe Service Centre: 662-9289
  • Sangre Grande Service Centre: 668-6429
  • Arima Service Centre: 664-1474-7
  • Chaguanas Service Centre: 672-0955/6
  • Couva Service Centre: 679-0757/0378
  • Central Area Office and Customer Service Centre: 636-8107
  • Southern Area Office and Customer Service Centre: 657-7281/4
  • Penal Customer Service Centre: 647-1223/1222
  • Marabella Customer Service Centre: 658-7594/7597
  • Point Fortin Customer Service Centre: 648-2791/2792/2903
  • Rio Claro Customer Service Centre: 644-2475/2262
  • Tobago Area Office and Customer Service Centre: 639-2541 /2542
  • Public Lighting Department: 800-BULB(2852)
  • Trouble Reports: 800-TTEC(8832)

Feedback – compliments, complaints, suggestions

We value your compliments, complaints and suggestions. These could be: • About a positive experience you have had;

  • A comment or suggestion on how we can improve our services to you;
  • A complaint if you are not satisfied with the service you have received, or feel you have not been treated fairly and reasonably by us or by someone delivering services on our behalf.

You can give us this feedback by:

  • Completing a feedback form at the Service Centre
  • Emailing us at:
  • Writing to:

The Corporate Communications Manager, Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission, Head Office, 63 Frederick Street, Port of Spain. Disclaimer:

This Charter expresses our commitment to you to achieve high standards of service. It outlines the standards of service you can expect from us. We recognise that there will always be room for improvement and as we improve we will update our charter.

It does not create any new legal relationship with you, neither does it affect your legal rights or obligations. This charter does not supersede the dictates of the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Act Chapter 54:70 or the Regulatory Industries Commission’s Act Chapter 54:73.

Interruptions caused by the failure of generation in Trinidad, faults of or on customers’ equipment, and faults due to force majeure conditions are outside the control of T&TEC and, as such, will be treated as exclusions to GES1. Force majeure conditions includes, but are not limited to, acts of God, acts of terrorism, riot and severe weather conditions as defined by the RIC. In respect of the other GES standards, customer availability and accessibility to premises would impact on our ability to serve you.