T&TEC’s Automated Credit Card Payment Facility allows you flexibility in managing your bill payments:

Option 1: Have the full amount of your bill automatically paid when the bill is due.

This is the most convenient option and we guarantee that you will never be disconnected*

Option 2: Have a pre-determined amount automatically paid on your bill every month.

This option can assist with cash flow as you can pay your bill in part each month**

Option 3: Pay your bill online.

Paying your bill on the T&TEC website is faster than any other website; payment is applied to your account within 24 hours

Call our interactive voice response system at 625-TTEC (8832) at any time (24/7) to make your payment.

Other benefits of the Automated Credit Card Payment Facility:

Security: All ACCPF payments are encrypted end to end.

Rewards: Earn your card points or cash back on each payment.

* Customer’s credit card must be valid and have sufficient funds at the time of processing.  ** Tip: calculate the monthly payment based on your average bi-monthly bill.