Twenty Five Percent (25%) Bill Rebate


1.  What is the 25% bill rebate?

This rebate is in fulfilment of a Government policy that seeks to offer further economic relief to persons with low incomes, by helping to manage their electricity bills.

2.  How will the rebate be implemented?

The rebate is applicable to electricity bills that are $300 or less. The following charges will be used to calculate the $300:

a) The total kWh consumption charge for the bi-monthly period

b) The bi-monthly customer charge of $6.00

c) The Value Added Tax of 12.5%

If there are other charges on the bill such as reconnection/ disconnection fees, adjustments etc., these will not be counted towards the $300 limit.

3.  Once I get the rebate will I always receive it?

The rebate is only applicable on bills of $300 or less. Therefore, if your bill exceeds $300 in any billing period, you will not receive the rebate for that period.

4.  When will I receive the rebate?

The rebate is applicable for bi-monthly billing periods starting December 1st 2016. Rebates will be applied to bills from February 2017.

5.   I have more than one T&TEC account, would I still qualify for the rebate?

Yes, each bill is eligible for the rebate, once they are $300 or less.

6.  Can I use the rebate to clear off arrears on my bill?

No. The rate cannot be applied to any other charges on your bill other than those listed in question 2 above. It is also not transferrable to any other account.