Register For E-billing

To sign up for e-billing you will need a copy of your bill and the national ID that you used to open your account. Click on the sign up button to register now.

If you cannot remember which ID you used to open your account please contact our support desk at 623-2611 ext 2827 or 4629


What is a T&TEC e-bill?

T&TEC e-bill is a free, electronic billing service that is available to all customers. When you sign up for e-billing you will receive an email notification at the email address of your choice, with a summary of your bill.

Why Go Paperless?

Despite its increasing popularity in Trinidad and Tobago, the electronic bill, or e-bill is still viewed by some with apprehension.  But imagine having the luxury of convenience!

Thanks to the T&TEC e-bill, you can become better organised, protect the environment and have more time on your hands to do the things you need.