Major Contracting Services

Safe Cutting of Trees

Trees should not be cut if they will fall and damage overhead lines. If the tree is on the customer premises or private property it is the customer’s responsibility to cut and maintain the tree to avoid contact with overhead lines. However if the customer wishes the line to be disconnected before cutting the tree a request should be made to the relevant area office. A nominal fee of $194 is applicable when a service connection to the house has to be disconnected.

Charges are subject to a 12.5% Value Added Tax (VAT)

Isolation of Supplies

This is required when the customer needs to perform maintenance or inspection work on their internal installation. The Utilization section in the Area Office should be contacted.

Temporary Supplies

This is typically provided for a construction site where a temporary supply is required.

Line Construction

If customers would like to have lines constructed for private purposes (e.g. construction and installation purposes), T&TEC can also facilitate the customer with feasibility studies, design and construction.

Decorative And Festival Lighting

The Commission can utilize its bucket trucks to install decorative lighting. The charge will depend on the size and complexity of the job. Contact the Utilization section in the Area office.

Services And Revised Rates
HV Isolation during normal working hours
HV Isolation during weekends and public holidays
Direct single phase temporary supply
Direct three phase temporary supply
Supervising installation / removal of pennants / banners.

Installation / removal of pennants by in-house resources.


Installation / removal of banners by in-house resources only.

For multiple banners within a 10KM radius the first banner shall cost $3,721.77 and each additional banner $3,066.57.)
Temporary Supply (URD) "Stick In Meter"