T&TEC is one of the public agencies invited to participate in a one year Ministry of Public Administration pilot project – Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard – to address ‘low levels of citizen satisfaction with public services’.

The citizen service certification programme focuses on correcting this issue and is guided by three goals – focus on improving the quality of services delivered; assist public services to set defined standards of performance; and validate the achievement of public services in delivering high-quality services to citizens and other customers.

Participating agencies were required to set up frameworks and select the target services for quality improvement and certification, to attain the Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard by June 2014.
The Regulated Industries Commission’s (RIC) Guaranteed Electricity Standard (GES) was the target for T&TEC’s improvement as “there are instances where customers are not being compensated for breaches or compensated within the required timeframe,” said Gerard Emmanuel-Rodriguez, Senior Manager, Regulatory and Compliance who has oversight for the GES.

T&TEC’s action plan to improve customer service in this regard, included setting up an internal committee dedicated to developing a system for “the identification and timely compensation of breaches under the GES.” The Diamond Standard Committee, led by Manager, Distribution Support and Planning, Curvis Francois, Senior Manager, Regulatory and Compliance Department, Gerard Emmanuel-Rodriguez; Head Corporate Support (Ag), Devecar Basdeo, Corporate Communications Manager, Annabelle Brasnell; and Commercial Co-ordinator (Ag) Rodney Latchman. This group began work in July 2013 and on March 14 submitted the detailed application for certification.

In addition, the Committee examined some of the softer customer service issues relating to matters ranging from our manner of greeting and treating with customers over-the-counter, to providing identification and contact information when dealing with customers. A Service Charter outlining both the hard and soft aspects of this customer service initiative was developed. As part of the application process, a Service Improvement Plan was also developed to address those areas that were highlighted as requiring further attention.

Curvis Francois comments that “The goal of improved customer service requires continuous effort by all of us and will result in improved levels of customer satisfaction and enhanced relations between the Commission and our valued customers.”

GES1 – Restoration of electricity supply after unplanned outage on the distribution system.
GES2 – Billing punctuality – time for first bill to be mailed after service connection.
GES3 – Reconnection of service after settling of overdue amounts or agreement on payment schedule.
GES4 – Making and keeping appointments.
GES5 – Investigation of voltage complaints.
GES6 – Responding to (written) billing and payment queries.
GES7 – New connection of supply.
GES8 – Payments owed under the Guaranteed Standards.