E-Billing Frequently Asked Questions

What is T&TEC e-bill? 

T&TEC e-bill is a free, electronic billing service that is available to all customers. When you sign up for e-billing you will receive an email notification at the email address of your choice, with a summary of your bill.

Is there a charge to use T&TEC e-bill?

No. T&TEC e-bill is available free of charge to ALL new and existing T&TEC customers.  Signing up for e-billing means that you will no longer need to receive a printed bill in the mail from T&TEC.

 How can I sign up for T&TEC e-bill?

Sign up is easy, simply log on to www.ttec.co.tt with a copy of your bill and follow the prompts.

When will I receive my first e-bill?

E-bills will be mailed according to existing billing cycles. Depending on your bill cycle your next bill may already be on the way via post. After that you will receive e-bills.

Can I pay my electricity bill online once I get my email summary?

Yes you can. Signing up for e-billing gives you access to T&TEC’s Customer Web Access portal where you can pay your bill, view your consumption and do so much more. A valid Visa or Mastercard is required.

If I sign up for T&TEC e-bill how can I get a copy of my bill for business transactions?

Your e-bill summary will provide you with a link to access your account via the Customer Web Access portal where you can print a copy of your bill to be used for business transactions as usual.

I pay my electricity bill at my bank, can I still do so?

Yes. Customers who now pay their bills at a bank, Surepay or Bill Express can continue to do so. Simply click on the link in your T&TEC e-bill email and print a copy of the bill from our secure site.

You may also sign up for Automated Bill Payment by credit card, at any service centre or email billingenquires@ttec.co.tt

For further information and support call us at 623-2611 ext. 2827 or 4629 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.