Why Go Paperless

Despite its increasing popularity in Trinidad and Tobago, the electronic bill, or e-bill is still viewed by some with apprehension.  But imagine having the luxury of convenience!

Thanks to the T&TEC e-bill, you can become better organised and have more time on your hands to do the things you need. When you receive your bill summary via email, you can immediately pay your bill online by clicking a link to our secure Customer Web Access (CWA) page.  You will no longer have to wait to receive a paper bill in the mail and miss a due date, and can avoid interest payments and the risk of disconnection.

Remember your expandable folder bursting at the seams? With e-billing, you will no longer need to manage and organize stacks of past bills; all your account information will be accessible at the CWA platform where you can view your bill information and pay your bill anytime, anywhere and across many devices.

For added convenience, another service, the Automated Credit Card Payment Facility (ACCPF), provides secure, automatic bill payment on the day your bill becomes due. The ACCPF can be set to pay your bill in full or in part, monthly or bi-monthly.

So no matter your lifestyle, T&TEC’s suite of services gives you options for more streamlined financial management.

An organised life is personally fulfilling but going paperless is also a good way to help protect the environment. Paperless billing reduces the demand for paper, which helps reduce solid waste, saves the energy associated with printing, transport and delivery, thereby curbing the release of greenhouse gases.

For a convenient, secure and environmentally-friendly service, sign up for T&TEC e-billing today!