Welding Sets

Welding sets can overload circuits at home and in your neighbourhood. Doing it yourself saves money and sometimes time… but welding sets need special attention.

Indiscriminate use of electric Arc welding sets can adversely affect the supply of electricity not only in your home, but within your community as well. Like any other heavy domestic appliance, a welding set can overload the electrical circuit.

It is important that your premises be adequately wired and that you have the right type of supply from T&TEC to accommodate the additional load. Failure to do this will result in disturbances in the electrical supply, outages and fluctuating voltage. It may even cause fire.

So consider the safety of yourself and your neighbours. Call in a qualified electrician to make sure your electrical wiring can cope with the increased demand. You must also consult T&TEC who will ensure that you are adequately supplied, and then permit you to operate the equipment. Failure to do so can result in disconnection if your neighbours are affected.

Some Safety tips on Electric Arc Welding

  1. Make sure that your shield, helmet or goggles contain the correct filter glasses.
  2. Wear adequate protective clothing including leather gauntlet gloves and clear goggles for chipping.
  3. Ensure that cables and connections are in good condition and firmly attached.
  4. Make certain that the welding equipment bench or workplace is properly earthed.
  5. Check that the electrode holder is fully insulated and always place it on an earthed surface when not in use.
  6. Stand on an insulated mat when the ground is damp.