Vision And Mission


“Powering the nation into the next generation.”


“To deliver world-class electricity service, through engaged and empowered employees, using clean, sustainable energy, technologically advanced systems and a highly reliable, safe and modern electrical grid.”

Core Values


  • We value the health, safety and wellness of our employees.
  • We are committed to creating an environment conducive to the development of a highly empowered and motivated workforce.
  • We respect and appreciate the contribution of our employees and their representative bargaining units in achieving T&TEC’s objectives.


  • We are accessible and responsive to our customers
  • We serve our customers with humility and value their comments
  • We are dedicated to providing excellent service


  • We value effective leadership
  • We encourage and foster teamwork, creativity, innovation and excellence
  • We encourage the continuous and holistic development of our employees

Ethical Conduct

  • We value integrity, transparency, exemplary conduct, professionalism, accountability, honesty, respect, trustworthiness, equity, fairness and confidentiality

Social & Environmental Consciousness

  • We are committed to nation building and the protection and preservation of the natural environment


  • We encourage and foster open, effective, respectful and responsible communication