Effective April 26th 2023, all Contractors and Suppliers who wish to do business with T&TEC must be prequalified in the Office of Procurement Regulation’s procurement Depository. The depository utilises the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) system to identify individual Lines of Business (categories of goods/service).

T&TEC’s Lines of Business must be selected when registering to be considered for prequalification with the Commission.

This section contains resources to guide you through registration and prequalification and correctly identifying T&TEC’s Lines of Business.

Lines of Business

Contractors and Suppliers  can register to provide Stock  or Non-stock items (goods and materials) or Services to T&TEC.  To assist you, we have matched T&TEC’s descriptions of stock items to the relevant UNSPS code and description.  For Services and Non-stock items, please be guided by the UNSPS code description.

These listings are continuously updated so please visit this page regularly if you require details on the correct UNSPS codes

Click here for T&TEC categories of work.


The Office of Procurement Regulation (OPR)’s Procurement Depository page features a video gallery of training webinars. Webinar number two—Supplier Registration and Pre-Qualification—provides important information for contractors and suppliers. We have extracted key sections of this two-hour video to assist you. Please click on the relevant links below.

  1. A brief overview of the Depository
  2. Building a supplier profile
  3. Creating lines of business
  4. Publishing Records for prequalification
  5. Full OPR webinar–Supplier Registration and Pre-Qualification