Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Damaged Appliance Claims Process

  • Any T&TEC customer i.e. the owner of an electricity account.
  • Any person/organisation occupying premises that has access to a legal electricity supply from T&TEC.
  • Any T&TEC customer i.e. the owner of an electricity account.
  • Any person/organisation occupying premises that has access to a legal electricity supply from T&TEC.

Claims for damaged electrical appliances/equipment must be reported using T&TEC’s online Damaged Appliance Claims Report form only.

i. Compulsory Submission

You must complete and submit a Damaged Appliance Claims Report (DACR) form (online only).

Click here to complete the DACR.

ii. Additional Documents

N.B. You are free to submit additional documents at any time. However, they should be submitted altogether in one bundle. Please be reminded that T&TEC will not review and process your additional documents unless and until investigations have been completed and T&TEC accepts responsibility for your damages.

a. Technician’s Report: A completed Technician’s Report for each appliance/item, providing details of the alleged damages.

Click here to download the Technician’s Report.

b. Receipts: All receipts/bills in support of expenses being claimed.

c. Quotation: If an item is allegedly damaged beyond repair, and you are asking for the replacement of the damaged item, you will need to submit a quotation for a replacement item of similar specifications.

d. Photographs: of the damaged item (This is optional, but it may assist in proving your claim).

e. Form(s) of identification:

(i) If the Claimant (person submitting the claim) is the named   owner of the electricity account:

        • Individuals

One form of national photo identification i.e. DP/ID/PP.

        • Company/ organisation

An authorisation letter from the company/organisation identifying a representative and giving consent for T&TEC to deal directly with such named representative in the administration and determination of the claim.

(ii) If the Claimant is NOT the named owner of the electricity account:

        • One form of national photo identification e. DP/ID/PP of the Claimant.
        • One form of national photo identificatione. DP/ID/PP of the electricity account owner.
        • An authorisation letter from the electricity account owner giving consent for T&TEC to deal directly with the Claimant in the administration and determination of the claim, and specifying the individual to whom any compensation would be payable if T&TEC accepts responsibility for the damages being claimed.

NB: Where the Claimant is unable to obtain any of the additional documents specified   above, the Claimant must provide other documents to prove that:

(i) the required additional documents cannot be obtained, and

(ii) the Claimant is the legitimate person to be compensated for the damaged appliance/equipment.

Where the owner of the electricity account is a company or organisation, the authorisation letter must:

(i) be on that company/organisation’s letterhead,

(ii) bear the company/organisation’s stamp/seal, and

(iii) bear the signature, full name and position title of the person giving such authorization.


Incidents involving damages to electrical appliances/equipment should be reported to T&TEC immediately. This assists us in responding promptly to conduct investigations, to assess any issues that may exist, and to take any remedial action if necessary.

When you submit a completed Damaged Appliance Claims Report (DACR) an acknowledgement message will be displayed. To ensure that your submission is successful please wait for this message to appear.  An acknowledgement email will be sent to you within three business days.

It is important that you enter your email address correctly on the DACR. If you do not receive an email within three business days, please check your Spam/Junk mail folders or contact the damaged appliance personnel in your Area. The acknowledgement correspondence will include your Complaint ID. Please take note of your Complaint ID for future reference.

Click here for the Area contact list.

A representative of T&TEC will contact you within five business days of our emailed acknowledgment of your claim. We will schedule an appointment, as needed, for a Consumer Investigator to visit the premises at which the appliances were allegedly damaged.

It is in your best interest to keep this appointment when set. However, if you miss or will be unable to meet your appointment, please contact your relevant Distribution Area by phone to make arrangements for the Consumer Investigator’s visit to be rescheduled.

Click here for the Area contact list.

Yes. You have the option to repair or replace your damaged appliance/equipment before T&TEC’s visit. However, if upon completion of its investigations, T&TEC agrees to settle your claim, you will be required to submit proof of your alleged damages and costs. A detailed Technician’s Report will be required for each damaged appliance/item, along with additional documents in support of any expenses incurred.

Nevertheless, T&TEC will not entertain claims for replacement of damaged items that can be repaired. [See list of “Additional Documents” in the answer to FAQ #3 above.]


No. T&TEC does not provide a preferred list of technicians. It is your responsibility to source a competent technician/repairer to assess the damaged items.


T&TEC will not be responsible for any unnecessary expense, loss, cost, charge or overcharge incurred based on the erroneous assessment or advice of the technician/repairer.


T&TEC will determine liability and communicate its position to you via email within 30 business days of receiving your Damaged Appliance Claims Report (DACR).


You can respond to T&TEC via email at, explaining the grounds for your disagreement, and providing all additional details and facts in support of your position.

If the claim settlement amount is less than or equal to $1,000.00, OR if the relevant T&TEC electricity account is in arrears, ONLY Payment Type 1 below is available.

If the claim settlement amount is more than $1,000.00 AND  the relevant account is not in arrears, the Claimant may choose either one of the two Payment Types below.

Payment Type 1 – Payment to Electricity Account

The claim settlement amount will be applied as a payment toward the Claimant’s electricity account i.e. the account at the location where the damages occurred. The sum paid will be reflected in the relevant account records on T&TEC’s online platform within three business days after payment is authorised.

Payment Type 2 – Cheque Payment

A cheque will be issued in the name of the Claimant, to be collected by the Claimant (or an authorised representative) at one of the Commission’s offices or Customer Service Centres. Processing takes approximately  15 business days after payment is authorised.