Register your VISA/MasterCard to pay your bill with any of these options.

1. Pay your bill online.
2. Have a pre-determined amount from your credit card automatically paid on your bill every month.
3. Pay your bill via 625-TTEC (8832) at any time (24/7).
4. Have the full amount of your bill automatically paid when the bill is due.

Visit any Service Centre to sign up or email the following information to

  1. Payment option requested:
    1. Fixed monthly payment(state sum)
    2. Total bill to be charged on due date (14 days after bill date)
    3. Customer to call IVR and make payment as required.
  2. Name of the customer/payee as stated on the credit card.
  3. Name of the account holder (if different from number two).
  4. Account number/s to be paid.
  5. Scanned copy or photo of customer ID. i.e. Passport/ID card/Driver’s Permit.
  6. Working telephone contact (preferably mobile phone). T&TEC will call you to request your credit card information.
  7. Name of the bank that issued the credit card.