on illegal T&TEC connections

Illegal or unapproved electricity connections are unsafe and can lead to electrocution or fire.
Apply to regularise your status with T&TEC and make your electricity connection safe.

For enquiries please call 277-TTEC (8832) 8:00 a.m.to 4:00 p.m.

Persons who are eligible:

  • Persons who have connected themselves directly from a T&TEC pole or overhead line.

  • Persons whose T&TEC account was disconnected and who reconnected their supply.

  • Persons who do not have a T&TEC account and receive an electricity supply via a connection from another property.

  • Persons who tampered with their meter to limit or eliminate the measurement of electricity used OR use a meter that was obtained from someone with no authority to make the connection.

  • Persons who have an authorised T&TEC meter but never received a bill.

  • Persons who repositioned their meter and cable without T&TEC’s authorisation.

Persons who are NOT eligible:

  • Persons who are disconnected for non-payment during the amnesty period and reconnected themselves.

  • Persons who have illegally installed poles, conductors and transformers to acquire a connection.

  • Persons who were previously charged or are presently disconnected for current stealing.

Applicants are responsible for all costs related to wiring and inspecting their property, which must comply with T&TEC’s requirements, to be eligible for the amnesty. The following documents must be submitted along with your amnesty application:
  • Valid inspection certificate (available from the Government Electrical Inspectorate Division)
  • Proof of ownership or Authorisation to occupy the property. These matters will be dealt with on a case by case basis. (full list of documents on application form)

Failure to complete the work and then submit the required documents along with the application, can result in a loss of supply until
the work is completed. To benefit, work must be completed during the amnesty period.

Amnesty application forms are available at any Service Centre or you may  click here to print.

Failure to apply for this amnesty and upgrade to a legal connection/account will result in T&TEC taking any and all action available to it,
including legal prosecution, to have the illegal connection removed and recoup lost revenue.