Overall Electricity Standards

The Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) has set seven Overall Electricity Standards (OES) by which it monitors the performance of T&TEC. This system of regulation is designed to ensure that T&TEC provides a superior quality of service to customers.

Our Responsibility

It is Our Responsibility to meet these levels in the provision of service that affects all customers.

It’s OUR Responsibility To
OES1 Read 90% of Industrial meters every month. Read 90% of Residential and Commercial meters according to schedule.
OES2 Mail 98% of electricity bills within 10 working days after meter reading.
OES3 Visit or give a substantive reply when responding to meter problems within 10 working days, 95% of the time.
OES4 Give 3 days advance notice of planned outages
100% of the time.
OES5 Repair 100% of failed street lights, with the exception of highway lighting, within 7 working days. Repair 100% of failed highway lighting within 14 working days.
OES6 Give a substantive response to written customer queries/requests, within 10 working days and communicate final position within 30 working days.
OES7 Notify 100% of customers of T&TEC’s receipt of claim under Guaranteed Standard GES1, within 10 working days.

Note:  The above standards will not be in effect during a period of Force Majeure.