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General Job Types and Qualifications:

NOTE: As this changes rapidly please contact Human Resources Department

Job Type Basic Minimum Qualification

Engineers in T&TEC are required to have a BSc degree in the relevant branch of Engineering. Electrical Engineers with various specializations are most frequently in demand. On joining T&TEC they are expected to complete a two-year Engineer-in-Training Programme run by the Commission. To pursue the four year BSc course in Engineering a student would generally have to possess Advanced Level passes in Chemistry and Physics.

B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) - for Engineers in all departments of the Commission

B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) - usually for Power Station Engineers.

B.Sc. (Civil Engineering) - Engineering Services handles construction and requires experienced engineers.

B.Sc. (Industrial Engineering) - Supplies department


Full professional accounting qualifications are required such as CPA, ACCA or CPP. To acquire these students should be prepared for at least three years of study after acquiring Advanced level passes in at least two subjects including Accounts.

INFORMATION SYSTEMS A BSc degree or equivalent in Computer Science is required. The BSc course of study would normally be for a minimum of three years and students should possess at least five O'Levels including passes in Mathematics and Computer Science. Advanced level Mathematics is also required.
HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT A BA or BSc degree in Management Studies with specialized training in the relevant area e.g. Industrial Relations, Training Methodology, Administration, etc. The BA course of study is for at least three years. Relevant Advanced Level passes are required for entry into some institutions. Students should possess O'Level passes in at least five subjects including Mathematics and a Business subject.
MARKETING A First Degree in Mass Communications, Arts or Social Sciences is required. The course of study for this is for at least three years and basic subject requirements will apply.
CRAFTSMAN National Craftsman's Diploma (mainly Electrical Installation).
TECHNICIAN Technician Diploma (mainly Electrical/Electronic Engineering)
CLERICAL 5 O'Level passes including Mathematics, English Language and Computer Literacy. Two A'Levels or Level I CAPE or equivalent qualification.
SECRETARIAL 5 O'Level passes including Mathematics and English Language. Advanced Typing (45 w.p.m.). Proficiency in Word, Excel, etc. Shorthand 80 - 100 w.p.m. would be an asset.